ORF Kärnten Report to the Opening of the Tolerance Talks 2024

Fresach (16-05-2024) – ORF Kärnten Today reported on the European Tolerance Talks 2024 on May 17th under the title “Fake News and the EU Election: Danger of Manipulation” – with contributions of this year’s opening speaker Armin Thurnher from FALTER and the chairman of the organizer Denk.Raum.Fresach, Superintendent Manfred Sauer.

Greetings from EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn

Brussels (15-05-2024) – “Information is fast, the truth takes time. We must therefore take the time to invest in democracy education and get to the bottom of things through dialogue,” says EU Commissioner Johannes “Gio ” Hahn in his greeting to the participants of the European Tolerance Talks 2024.

We are Winner! The European State Prize Gala 2024 on Youtube

WVienna (05/07/2024) – Great success for the Denk.Raum.Fresach team. We were awarded with the European State Prize 2024 in the category “Europe in the community” by Federal Minister Karoline Edtstadtler. Check out the entire event here.

Final projects for the State Prize “Europe in the Community”

Vienna (05/07/2024) – These were the final projects in the final round of the European State Prize in the “Europe in the Community” category – we also congratulate the competitors on their nomination.

ORF Carinthia today reports on States Prize Nomination

Fresach (04/30/2024) – The Carinthian mountain village of Fresach is among the finalists of the European State Prize 2024. We would like to congratulate in advance.

BTV Spot Tolerance Talks 2024

Villach (03/23/2024) – The TV production company BTV produced an anniversary spot on the occasion of the 10th European Tolerance Talks. Here the result.

Program presentation on ORF Carinthia today

Villach (02/23/2024) – The program of the European Tolerance Talks 2024 was presented on Thursday in the Paracelsus Hall in the city of Villach. The focus is on “Truth – What is real?” – especially in view of the upcoming European elections, a topic with a lot of explosive power for election campaigning parties and democracy education.


Tolerance Talks Program presented in Villach

Villach (02/22/2024) – The local broadcaster BTV reported on Thursday from the press conference of the 10th European Tolerance Talks in Villach. State Parliament President Reinhart Rohr, Superintendent Manfred Sauer and City Councilor Harald Sobe had their say, it will be an exciting election year – also under the impression of AI and ChatGPT.

Tolerance Talks 2023 on ORF Carinthia today

Klagenfurt (05/25/2023) – The resources of our planet are becoming scarcer, while at the same time consumption is increasing. At the European tolerance talks in Fresach, attempts are being made to find answers as to what will happen when growth comes to an end. The event is taking place for the 9th time this year.

Tolerance Talks 2023 on kaernten.tv

Klagenfurt (05/27/2023) – Under the title “Growth at the end – What now?” ethical as well as ecological-economic perspectives were presented at this year’s European Tolerance Talks. Experts from philosophy and religion, business, science and politics took part in the debate.


Presentation of the European Tolerance Talks in Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt (02/28/2023) – Under the title “Growth in the end – what now?” around 35 experts, scientists and economists and their audience in the Carinthian mountain village of Fresach are invited to discuss the meaning of growth and its effects on society. The program of the European tolerance talks from May 24th to 27th, 2023 was presented on Tuesday in the Hall of Mirrors of Carinthia in Klagenfurt.


European Forum 2023 on the topic “Growth for and against” 

Vienna (22 February 2023) – At the European Forum of Club Carinthia in the Oberbank Vienna, qualified experts discussed the concept of growth for modern society. From left to right Management consultant Michael Paul, theologian Barbara Rauchwarter, DRF President Hannes Swoboda, Wifo economist Angela Köppl and author Dietmar Krug.

All live streams of the European Tolerance Talks are here to look up and reflect:


The ORF broadcast to the Tolerance Talks from Fresach

Klagenfurt (06/02/2022) – On June 2, ORF Carinthia reported on the opening of the European Tolerance Talks 2022 from Fresach. Among others, Denk.Raum.Fresach-Chairman Superintendent Manfred Sauer, opening speaker Robert Menasse, winner of the 2022 Tolerance Prize, the political scientist Sieglinde Rosenberger, and the cultural scientist Wolfgang Müller-Funk were interviewed.

Tolerance Talks Preview 2022 to the Reorganisation of Europe

Vienna (10 March 2022) – Preview of the 2022 Tolerance Talks with a guest lecture by cyberneticist Maria Pruckner and a panel discussion with security and Ukraine expert Cornelius Granig, US policy expert Leo Stollwitzer, President of the Board Hannes Swoboda and moderator Claus Reitan.

Program Preview of the European Tolerance Talks in Vienna

Vienna (17 February 2021) – Preview of the Tolerance Talks 2021 with guest lecture by table tennis world champion and Paralympics winner Jochen Wollmert, linguist Elisabeth Schrattenholzer, behavioral biologist Elisabeth Oberzaucher, President of the Board of Trustees Hannes Swoboda and moderator Claus Reitan.

All supporters of the European Tolerance Talks

Fresach (31-05-2020) – The European Tolerance Talks depend on the help and support of many organizations and companies. Here is an overview of all.

Video opener on the European Tolerance Talks

Fresach (28-05-2020) – Fresach at the foot of the Mirnock is an idyllic mountain village in Carinthia (Austria) with many old farmhouses, lively restaurants and attractive holiday apartments. Since 2015, the European Tolerance Talks are organized here every year before Pentecost, with speakers of international standing.

Video-Opener Tourism Forum Villach 2020

Villach (25-05-2020) – Selected scientists and tourism experts discussed the utopia (freedom) of travel and the nature (destruction) of humans at the 3rd International Tourism Forum Villach on May 27, 2020. Here is the video to get you started.

Invitation from Superintendent Manfred Sauer to the European Tolerance Talks

Villach (25-05-2020) – The European Tolerance Talks 2020 are devoted to the topic “Exodus – Leaving the Familiar”. It was not foreseeable that this topic would become so topical due to the Corona crisis.

EXODUS live: Tolerance Talks 2020 in Fresach

Villach (21-05-2020) – It is a real exodus. Everything different than usual. Our topic 2020 will literally be overtaken by reality: “Exodus – Leaving the familiar”. The European Tolerance Talks  #ETG20 will mainly take place online because the on-site presence is restricted due to travel and access conditions.

Video Ad for the 3rd Tourism Forum Villach 2020

Villach (30-04-2020) – Premiere at the start of the advertising campaign for the Tolerance Forum Villach as part of the European Tolerance Talks on May 27, 2020. For the first time we can present our own video in cooperation with the Villach Tourism Region. Have a look.

Program Preview European Tolerance Talks 2020

Klagenfurt (13-02-2020) – The program of the European Tolerance Talks 2020 was presented on Tuesday in the mirror hall of the Carinthian government. In the presence of the President of the Landtag, Reinhart Rohr, Superintendent Manfred Sauer and PEN President Helmuth A. Niederle, cooperation partners from education istitutes, churches and politics spoke about their contribution to the tolerance talks that will take place from May 27 to 30, 2020 in Villach and Fresach. Program organizer Wilfried Seywald spoke of the most extensive program since the discussions began, which was designed not only for those responsible for education, but also for political officials.

Economic Forum Fresach 2019 discussed global resource consumption

Fresach (06-07-2019) – The power of global capital, the looming sale of natural resources and a lack of awareness for the protection of agricultural land were the focus of the Economic Forum Fresach at the 2019 European Tolerance Talks. “Never before has there been so much power in the hands of a few people. Companies, asset managers, and investors control a huge portion of the world’s assets, increasing social inequality. The globalization has been a gift to the rich, but little has happened to the majority of the population,” said bestseller author and Handelsblatt Journalist Hans-Jürgen Jakobs.

Opening day of the European Tolerance Talks 2019 in Fresach

Fresach (06-06-2019) – The 5th European Tolerance Talks in the Carinthian mountain village of Fresach became a plea for an open Europe. “We need a tradition of equality, wisdom and foresight, a tradition that guarantees our children and grandchildren freedom and equal rights, and makes them good citizens, good people,” said Italian linguist Maurizio Bettini in his opening speech. The European Tolerance Award 2019 of the City of Villach and the Austrian PEN Club was awarded to the Lebanese-Austrian author Sonia Boumad.

ORF-Broadcast on the European Tolerance Talks 2019

Villach (06-06-2019) – Thinking about and thinking ahead the future of Europe. This year the focus was on the question “Who owns Europe?” With the tolerance talks, the small mountain village Fresach has long since become a place of thoughts. Europe does not belong to those who rely on roots, but to those who choose to belong and to establish a tradition that is good, honest, open and generous, says Maurizio Bettini, Professor at the University of Siena. In addition, the evangelic Superintendent Manfred Sauer and the President of the Talks, Hannes Swoboda, comment on the talks 2019.

Opening of European Tolerance Talks 2019 with Tourism Forum in Villach

Villach (06-05-2019) – The traditional Tourism Forum marked the beginning of the 5th European Tolerance Talks on 5th June 2019 in the Hotel Holiday Inn Villach. This year the focus was on the question of the tightrope walk between tourist value creation and quality of life in tourism regions. The opening speech was given by geographer and tourism researcher Nadine Scharfenort. Following this, the opening reception with celebrities from politics, business and culture took place.

Preview on European Tolerance Talks 2019 in Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt (01-22-2019) – Interested parties from politics, business and media got a preview on the program of this year’s European Tolerance Talks on tuesday in Klagenfurt. Poets, Thinkers and Scientists from more than 15 countries are expected in Carinthia during the week before Pentecost to reflect on Europe’s identity and the changes in global balance of power. The tolerance talks will take place from 5 to 8 June 2019 for the fifth time in Villach and Fresach. The Title: “Home Abroad Earth – Who owns Europe?”

Paradise in Motion: Review on Love-Tour ’18 in Villach

Villach (05-31-2018) – More than 250 young people gathered in Villach to start the European Tolerance Talks 2018 in order to discuss forward-looking ideas and fundamental questions for a better life. As part of the “Love Tour Against Mobbing and Violence in Schools”, a focus of the Kärntner Landesschulrat, the students were given tips and tricks for dealing better with conflict situations, how to fight fake news, hatred and violence and understand each other better, despite different opinions can learn.

Tourism Forum discussed Limits of Growth

Villach (05-28-2018) – “Why we have to rethink the future” was the topic of a keynote speech by the Hamburg trend researcher Birgit Gebhardt at the opening of the International Tourism Forum in Villach, which took place for the first time as part of the European Tolerance Talks at the Hotel Holiday Inn. Well-known experts from business and science discussed the limits of tourism growth in Carinthia’s cultural city, especially with regard to alpine regions such as Carinthia, Tyrol or Salzburg.

European Tolerance Talks call for “More Courage to Europe”

Fresach (05-24-2018) – The European Tolerance Talks 2018 were held under the motto “Longing for Europe – On the search for the lost paradise”. More than 45 lecturers from numerous disciplines as well as representatives from literature, culture and business were present. The participants agreed that the talks have never been so diverse and varied than this year. The video shows short statements by lecturers and moderators as well as impressions from Villach and Fresach.

Carinthian Human Rights Award for Tolerance Talks

Klagenfurt (12-09-2017) – The Carinthian Human Rights Award 2017 was awarded to the “Denk.Raum.Fresach” for its efforts towards tolerance and humanity. The DRF was selected from 17 submissions, and together with the entire DRF board, Superintendent Manfred Sauer got the award from Carinthian Governor Peter Kaiser in the Hall of Mirrors . The award was launched in 1994 with the aim of honoring and highlighting those who, with their personal dedication, have volunteered to be selfless, disinterested and far removed from the broad public perception of respect for human rights.

Long night of Freedom in Fresach

Fresach (06-03-2017) During the European Tolerance Talks 2017, Austrian PEN-Club celebrated the 70th anniversary of its re-establishment with a reading and a long night of literature in the Carinthian mountain village of Fresach. PEN President Helmuth A. Niederle and Vice President Kurt F. Svatek therefore urged for the issuance of 20 “Nansen”-passports annually for persecuted authors from all over the world during the presentation of a multimedia lecture in more than 20 languages. Before, pupils from all over Carinthia discussed at the Congress Center Villach the importance of freedom of expression and press. On the last day ten poetry slammers competed for the favour of the audience.

Tolerance talks focus on freedom in the economy

Fresach (06-02-2017) – The second day of European tolerance talks 2017 in Fresach was marked by “Freedom in the Economy”. Globalization and free trade, internal market and the free movement of people, goods, services and capital, freedom of enterprise. The talks and workshops on the business women’s day were opened by LR Christian Benger and Infineon CEO Sabine Herlitschka. Also on the spot were the psychoanalyst Klaus Ottomeyer, philosopher Peter Heintel, regional councelor Rolf Holub, tourism and leisure researcher Peter Zellmann, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, Sylvia Gstättner, social entrepreneurs Ingun Kluppenegger and Julia Petschnig and the beauty entrepreneur Katia Wagner.

Opening Ceremony 2017 in Villach

Villach (05-31-2017) The European Tolerance Talks, which were held in 2017 under the motto “The Future of Freedom”, were opened with a reception at the Villacher Congress Center. Many of the guests from Germany and abroad followed the invitation of Landeshauptmann Peter Kaiser, among them journalists, writers and thinkers. The president of the board of trustees, Hannes Swoboda, Villach’s mayor Günther Albel and the evangelical superintendent Manfred Sauer emphasized the importance of freedom and democracy for civil society and the state. At the end, the Neue Bühne Villach offered a Franzobel piece on the Drauschiff.

More political education required

Villach (05-31-2017) “More urgent than ever, we need political education as an obligatory teaching subject to consolidate democratic consciousness, because our freedom is currently being questioned on every corner of the world on a daily basis. This is done not only in remote countries, but in the middle of Europe, as the latest developments in Poland and Hungary show. “This is what the ardent chief editor Ronald Barazon told over 150 schoolchildren from all over Carinthia at the European Tolerance Talks 2017 in the Congress Center Villach. The focus was on discussion groups and working groups on the freedom of the press, the individual and the Internet.

Carinthia calls for citizens’ dialogue 2017

Klagenfurt (2017-01-24) The future of freedom and the consequences of globalization are the main topic of the European Tolerance Talks 2017 in Carinthia. The issue is more important than ever, especially in view of the impending limitations of freedom of the press and freedom of expression in East and West. New this year are dialogue events, theater and film premieres in the city of Villach, which is one of the most important supporters of the tolerance talks. On the occasion of the 24th of January, Denk.Raum.Fresach invited the press to a program presentation in the mirror hall of the Carinthian provincial government in Klagenfurt.

Fresach discusses “future of freedom”

Vienna (2017-01-18) Brexit, Trump, Russia & Turkey. The current political developments have changed our world and will continue to occupy us intensively in the future. The European tolerance talks 2017 also address these questions: What means freedom for our society? And how do we best deal with globalization? In order to get an idea of the program, the Think.Tank.Fresach on 18 January invited interested people to a program presentation in Vienna.

Climate change and the water with interviews from Fresach

The TV broadcast “Heimat Fremde Heimat” reported on the theme “Water and Culture” on the acutely endangered water cycle, on the Greenland water wisdom and other cultural approaches on dealing with water on 4 September, 2016. The shooting took place at a good part in Fresach – with several top speakers who joined the European tolerance talks. The approximately 30-minute contribution deals with various aspects of water and its culture and also includes our theme 2016: “The Borders of Europe – Human Rights and the Consequences of climate change”.

Klimawandel ORF Interview


Festival of tolerance 2016 in Fresach

Fresach (13/14-05-2016) The European tolerance talks in 2016 were completed with literature, music and multimedia in the Carinthian mountain village Fresach. The uniting aspect of cultural exchange was underlined. The young poets turned their appeals to the spirit of togetherness, tolerance and humanity. They reminded of the enormous importance of listening and understanding. Only those who understand the challenges of the future – climate change and its multiple consequences – can solve with a community perspective.

Including, inter alia, George Blaha of the multimedia class of Photographic Academy Vienna, Sophia Egger Karl Egger, Nicole Stigler, musician Karen Asatrian and comedian Thomas Maurer and Franz Ferdinand Kratzl.


Fresach adopts Declaration on Climate Change

Fresach (12-05-2016) With the Fresach Declaration on Climate Change, the participants of the European tolerance talks in 2016 adopted a policy paper in which Europe will be asked to accept its responsibility for the causes and consequences of climate change. With statements from the environmental historian Verena Winiwarter, the Egyptian author Hassan Baroud, the community organizer Stephen Bradberry from New Orleans (USA), the neurologist Harald Kollegger, Mayor Günther Albel, comedian Thomas Maurer, the Slovenian author Lev Detela, the social anthropologist Christa Markom, thinking .Raum.Fresach-President Hannes Swoboda and UNDP Executive Director aD Prof. Klaus Töpfer.


US Senator Marc R. Pacheco opens the European tolerance talks

Villach (11-05-2016) The Carinthian Governor Peter Kaiser and Villach Mayor Günther Albel invited the participants of the second European tolerance talks in 2016 on Wednesday evening to the former Park Hotel Villach. Authors and scientists from over 30 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia were attending. US Senator Marc R. Pacheco (Massachusetts) gave a preview of his for Thursday afternoon planned lecture on “Climate Reality Project”. He praised the tolerance conversations as unique initiative. The organizers from Denk.Raum.Fresach expect about 350 people to the three days of talks in the Carinthian mountain village Fresach.


Fresach 2016: Tolerance talks more urgent than ever

Fresach (19-01-2016) The dialogue on tolerance and integration is more urgent than ever. This was a common agreement within the program preview on the European tolerance talks 2016, which took place in Klagenfurt on 19 January 2016 in the Mirror Hall of the provincial government. The Dialogue Forum from 11 to 14 May at the Carinthian mountain village Fresach is dedicated to the theme “The Borders of Europe – Human Rights and the Consequences of Climate Change”. “Even in times of globalization, it needs limits, however permeable and not insurmountable bastions. The welcome culture for endangered refugees is not in contradiction to active border guards,” said Fresach-President Hannes Swoboda.

The Lion of Cameroon in Austria

Fresach (2015-11-15) The African poet and activist Enoh Meyomesse (Cameroon) on Sunday was guest of the Tolerance Center Fresach (Carinthia). Meyomesse had been released under pressure from the International PEN in May as a political prisoner and could leave in October to Germany, where he found refuge in Darmstadt. When asked about his political ambitions Meyomesse said that he would run again in 2018 for the post of President of the Republic of Cameroon. The 14 days before the election are the only time in which one can criticize the disastrous political conditions unpunished.

European Tolerance talks 2016: Preview in Vienna

Vienna (2015-11-03) Think.Tank.Fresach, PEN-Club Austria and Carinthia Club on Tuesday 3rd November, presented the program of the European tolerance discussions in in Vienna. More than 30 international writers, scientists and economists will discuss the borders of Europe, human rights and the consequences of climate change from 11 to 14 May in Fresach.

Queen of Pan Flute in Fresach

Fresach (2015-07-02) The Queen of Pan Flute, Daniela dé Santos, appeared on stage in Fresach for the first time on July 2. The artist born in Augsburg with Spanish roots plays flute since she was 5 years and is famous for her concerts with songs like “The Lonely Shepherd” (Gheorghe Zamfir), “Once Upon a Time in America” (Ennio Morricone) or “El Condor Pasa” (Simon & Garfunkel). On stage were also the jazz musicians Tonc Feinig and Klaus Lippitsch.

Results of the European Tolerance Talks

Fresach (02-06-2015) – The small Carinthian mountain village Fresach has written history. The European Tolerance Talks, which took place from 21th to 23rd May in the presence of international poets and thinkers, found lots of attention. European Parliament President Martin Schulz praised the commitment of the organizers and signed the Fresach Declaration on Tolerance, so did Federal President Heinz Fischer, Governor Peter Kaiser and the dignitaries of the Protestant and Catholic churches that were present even personally. The Video Post by Kärnten TV provides an overview on the opening, the discussions, the performances and the final Young Poetry Slam.

European Tolerance Talks: Opening in Villach

Villach (21-05-2015) In the presence of Federal President Heinz Fischer, Carinthian Governor Peter Kaiser, the president of the Carinthian parliament Reinhart Rohr, the Mayor of Villach Günther Albel, the President of Carinthian Industries, Christoph Kulterer, the Chamber of Commerce President Jürgen Mantl and numerous guests of honor, writers, thinkers and philosophers, the opening of the European tolerance talks in 2015 in Villach (Holiday Inn) took place on 21st May. The dialogue forum was organized by Denk.Raum.Fresach, an initiative for tolerance and integration in Europe. But mainly the poets, thinkers and scientists came to word during the diskussions and sessions.

Full Support for Tolerance Talks in Brussels

Brussels (04/16/2015) – Austrian MEPs Eugen Freund (S&D) and Othmar Karas (EPP) are fully behind the European Tolerance Talks, to be held from 21 to 23 May 2015 in the Carinthian mountain village of Fresach. In a joint press conference with Governor Peter Kaiser of Carinthia and Think.Tank.Fresach-Spokesman Wilfried Seywald the two MEPs stated that the new forum for dialogue on tolerance and integration is an important initiative for Europe and the Alps-Adriatic region. The international event dedicated to the theme “How far does tolerance go? Tasks for the state, economy and society” will bring together around 20 political thinkers, scientists, philosophers and economists.

PEN-Club supports European Tolerance

Vienna (2015-03-18) – The program of the European Tolerance Talks 2015 was presented on 18th March at the PEN-Club Austria, Vienna. The new forum for dialogue on politics, economics and society will take place in the Carinthian mountain village Fresach on May 22nd and 23rd, 2015. Around 20 thinkers, scientists, philosophers and economists are expected to attend the two days’ forum to discuss their theses and visions of a better world. The Video contains statements of Fresach curator and president Hannes Swoboda, Bishop Michael Bünker, PEN President Helmuth A. Niederle, IT manager Alexander Loisel and kenyan author Philo Ikonya.

Carinthia TV presents Denk.Raum.Fresach

Klagenfurt (2015-01-22) – Private channel Carinthia TV has reported about the public presentation of the new dialogue forum Denk.Raum.Fresach on Thursday in Klagenfurt. The video contains interviews with Denk.Raum.Fresach President Hannes Swoboda, PEN Club Austria President Helmut Niederle and Superintendent Manfred Sauer, also comments of the president of Carinthian Parliament, Reinhart Rohr, Managing Director of Carinthian Industries, Claudia Mischensky, Mayor Alfred Antowitzer and young politician Sebastian Jung Schuschnig to the need for European dialogue on tolerance and integration.

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