Fairness – The New Globalization

How do we feel about tolerance in times of the pandemic?


“Meaning and relevance” … “Tolerance in times of the pandemic” were the keywords with which we started the preparations for the European Tolerance Talks in 2021. Now more than ever the question for us is what is really important. The consequences of the pandemic extend far beyond the physical integrity and health of older people in particular and affect the whole economy, culture and sport equally. What must be done so that our social structures continues to function?

Ever since the virus has kept us in suspense worldwide, values ​​such as justice, solidarity and charity, respect and appreciation have been on everyone’s lips again – and tolerance and acceptance are being put to the test again. The central question of what is fair has pre-occupied politics and philosophy since time immemorial and every student when he is graded. Fairness, on the other hand, contains an idea of ​​justice without politicizing as a term. And fairness will be needed especially if our society wants to find a value-based and tolerance-based path into a new age.

Fairness as an idea of ​​the future world and as a principle of living together has a spiritual foundation and is excellently suited to promoting a different, new globalization. Fairness is also necessary in order to find out which forms of so-called normality we want and need as humanity, and which are no longer necessary. We cannot turn back the wheel, but we can learn from mistakes – if we get everyone involved and affected equally on board. The 7th European Tolerance Talks are dedicated to the topic of “fairness” because we are convinced that this key term will become even more important in the future.

This year’s tolerance talks will take place again in the week of Pentecost – from 19 to 22 May 2021 – the first part of it in the Villach University of Applied Sciences – the Students’ Forum on Wednesday 19 May morning and the Tourism Forum this time all day. For this, a sincere thank you to the co-organizers and partners of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and Tourismuszukunft.de. Both events will address the question of “fairness” – and how we need to rethink it.

The general topic “Fairness – The New Globalization” is thoroughly examined at the Fresach Tolerance Museum with lectures, discussions and panels. The European Forum on May 20th will discuss the linguistic but also political hurdles to more fairness and explain how they are understood today in the Bible, Torah and Koran. The European Tolerance Award 2021, readings and “Kitchen Talks” in private houses round off the second day.

The Economic Forum on Friday, May 21, is about the “fairness formula” and how justice could be determined mathematically, how one is socially just and how just globalization is possible at all. The afternoon is dedicated to the complex “Fair Business” and how the future could (and should) be thought differently. The path of globalization via digital villages seems to be mapped out, says at least the globalization philosopher Franz Nahrada.

The evening is again dedicated to the traditional Poetry Slam, this time under the motto “Fix and fair! Why more fairness?” and the Tolerance Breakfast (Poets’ Forum) on Saturday May 22nd offers another opportunity to exchange opinions with the authors present. The organizers are looking forward to lively participation. Tickets can already be ordered now. (ws)




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