16th May 2018 – LOVE TOUR

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9:00Bamberg Saal former Parkhotel VillachLove-Tour I Against mobbing & violence in schoolsSchools with heart – Safe the world for only a short time. How we can better understand each other and how we can grow beyond ourselves.With Ali Mahlodji, Start-up Entrepeneur and EU Youth Ambassador.
11:00Bamberg Saal former Parkhotel VillachLove-Tour II Against mobbing & violence in schoolsLies in the web – And how we defend ourselves.
How we fight fake news, hatred and violence.
With Ingrid Brodnig, Journalist and EU Digital Ambassador.
13:30Bamberg Saal former Parkhotel VillachPresentation "Language Maintenance"Courage to succeed - the nursing area as an example. How to prepare asylum-seekers in Carinthia for the labor market.With Alexandra Lugger, Head of migration projects at bfi Carinthia
14:00Bamberg Saal former Parkhotel VillachLove-Tour III Communication for a better Life.Paradies on Earth – The Universe, the I and the dear God. How we understand the world better and recognize the meaning of life.With Philipp Wehrli, Physicist, magician and skeptic.
15:30Bamberg Saal former Parkhotel VillachLove-Tour IV Communikation for a better Life.World Peace Game – How to learn peace. With Anna Lanen, Organisator of the World Peace Game 2018 in Villach.
15:45Bamberg Saal former Parkhotel VillachLove-Tour IV Communikation for a better Life.Heaven or Hell. How to live a better way. Why we cause immediate consequences with each decision and therefore better think twice.With Logotherapist Jutta Clarke, Viktor Frankl Institute.


16th May 2018 – PARADISE DAY

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13:30Villach, Hotel Holiday InnHistory presentation & Intro.Rooms vacant! Travelling yesterday, today and tomorrow. A journey through the history of tourism in Carinthia.Museum Villach exhibition 2018 by Curator Werner Koroschitz.
14:00Villach, Hotel Holiday InnTourism Forum I Leisure on TravelThe End of Tourism as we know it. Why we need to rethink the future.Keynote speech by Birgit Gebhardt, trend researcher from Hamburg.
14:30Villach, Hotel Holiday InnPanel discussionTourism 2025: The limits of Growth. And how we steer the tourism streams more equitably.With Birgit Gebhardt, Herwig Ertl, Manfred Kohl, Michael Berndl, Georg Overs et.al. Moderation: Gudrun Leb, ORF.
16:00Villach, Hotel Holiday InnTourism Forum II Leisure on TravelLove Travelling, Hate Tourism. What we need to know about longing for the distance.Keynote speech by Kurt Robert Luger, University of Salzburg.
16:30Villach, Hotel Holiday InnPanel discussionOvercoming gravity. How we travel tomorrow and which role emotions play in it.With Kurt R. Luger, Kerstin Dohnal, Stefan Nungesser, Bruno Besser, Christian Kresse, René Waclavicek, et.al. Moderation: Harald Hafner, Travel Industry Club Austria
19:00Villach, Hotel Holiday InnReceptionPress reception and welcome speeches to the European Tolerance Talks 2018.Open for participants, authors and lecturers. With Mayor, Governor a.o.


17th May 2018 – HUMAN RIGHTS DAY

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09:00Fresach, Evang. ChurchOpeningYearning for Europe – The Search for Lost Paradise.Key Note by Dogan Akhanli, German-turkish author from Cologne. Opening by President Hannes Swoboda a.o.
11:00Fresach, Museum Square (or House of Culture)Citizens' dialogueEurope - My Home, My Values. Democracy and Human Rights for all.What does "Europe" mean for us? Open dialogue to collect theses for the Fresach European Charter. Results/final editing in the evening.
14:00Tolerance CenterTalkTheory of the Strange: European Culture and its Narratives. Travel throuth the ages.Philosopher and literary scholar Wolfgang Müller-Funk speaks with Author und Journalist Claus Reitan.
14:30Tolerance CenterPanel discussion Migration & IntegrationMass Migration and Identity – What will become of Europe? Do we lose our Heimat?Literary-philosophical discussion moderated by Claus Reitan. With Dorothea Nuernberg, Wolfgang Müller-Funk, lawyer Christoph Good, migration researcher Bernhard Perchinig, et al.
16:00Tolerance CenterTalkEurope between Federalism, Separatism & Solidarity. Old conflicts and new challenges.The political scientist Sabine Riedel (Berlin) in conversation with Martin Traxl (ORF).
16:30Tolerance CenterPanel discussion Politics & IntegrationBrexit and the consequences - Does the European Union collapse? And where do Europeans have to go?Political-philosophical discussion moderated by Martin Traxl. With Sabine Riedel, Hannes Swoboda, Dogan Akhanli, et.al.
18:00Gasthaus zum WirtDialogue | Editing ConferenceEuropean Charta Fresach: Final edition within a small circle.Evaluation of the opinions and theses collected during the day. Moderation by Margarethe Prinz-Büchl.
20:00Tolerance CenterFestival of ToleranceHeavenly times - 100 years of Republic Austria. On the occasion of the commemoration year, authors read from their works.
21:00Tolerance CenterFestival of ToleranceGypsy Music Impressions Music performance by Adrian Gaspar & guests. The Austrian-Romanian jazz pianist is a traveler through the cultures.


18th May 2018 – FOUNDERS DAY

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09:00Tolerance CenterLectureFuture Earth - Good News or Lost Paradise? Key Note by Franz Alt, Journalist, Bible expert, Environmental researcher and Climate Ambassador.
10:00Tolerance CenterMorning TalkCourage to start afresh - make Europe understandable.The president of the Austrian National Bank, Claus Raidl talks with Sonja Sagmeister (ORF).
10:30Tolerance CenterTolerance Forum I Politics & Human RightsYearning for Europe - Departure on the Continent? Were the open borders a misunderstood liberal concept?Podium round with Franz Alt, Claus Raidl, Jochen Ressel, Hans Stoisser, Dorothea Nürnberg, moderated by Sonja Sagmeister (ORF).
12:00Tolerance CenterParadise TalkNo man's land. About the search for paradise. Society on Travel - Traveling in Society.German-Indian philosopher Pravu Mazumdar and social-anthropologist Ingrid Thurner in conversation with Thomas Cik (Kleine Zeitung).
14:00Tolerance CenterArts TalkLove and heart. Two revolutionary metaphors in Islamic mysticism.The cultural scientist and orientalist Gerhard Schweizer shows examples of alternative thinking in Islamic literature.
14:45Tolerance CenterTolerance Forum II Leisure & TravelLove, gardens and other architectures - traveling to paradise. What art, food and culture can contribute to understanding.Peter Fritz (ORF) talks with Mitra Shamouradi, Ingrid Thurner, Gerhard Schweizer, Margarethe Prinz-Büchl, Alexander Peer.
16:00Tolerance CenterLectureHomo Digitalis – New reality or paradise?An introduction with Harald Kollegger, Neurologist and Author.
16:30Tolerance CenterTolerance Forum III Economy & TourismDigitalisation of leisure - do we oversleep the future? Why does man create his own reality? And with what consequences?Panel discussion on the consequences of new paradises for the leisure society of tomorrow. With Harald Kollegger, Gerhard Zeiner, Pravu Mazumdar, Heide Pichler, Georg Holzer. Moderation: Thomas Cik (Kleine Zeitung).
18:00Tolerance CenterEvening TalkParadise lost. About traveling, faith and searching. On the occasion of the special exhibition 2018.The exhibition curators Alexander Hanisch-Wolfram and Anita Ernst talk with Thomas Cik (Kleine Zeitung).
20:00Tolerance CenterYoung Poetry SlamLost & Found: My Paradise! 10 young poets in competition. Voting by the audience (Jury). Moderation: Carmen Kassekert.


19th May 2018 – MORNING TALK

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08:30Gasthaus "Zum Wirt"Tolerance BreakfastYearning for Europe: Authors discuss with participants. Open House.Get-together with present authors, students, interested participants and visitors.
11:00Gasthaus "Zum Wirt"Award Ceremony and FarewellTolerance Awards 2018 Award of authors, projects, aso.
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