Herbert Waldner, Founder Riedergarten properties
“We think this project is good for Carinthia and good for the world. When there is built something new, that is unique and can radiate beyond the borders, we want to be there.” http://www.riedergarten.at

Riedergarten Immobilien

Reverend Hubert Stotter, Rector of Diakonia de la Tour
“To live tolerance and make acceptance of it presupposes free thinking and dialogue. To give thoughts space and invite others to think for themselves and think ahead is an important step for a pluralistic, open and reflected society. Fresach is a coherent place to do so.” http://www.diakonie-delatour.at

Diakonie de La Tour

Christoph Kulterer, Hasslacher Norica Timber
“Wood can do more. Tolerance can be more. The Think.Tank.Fresach is a future lab and works on the subject of sustainability like Hasslacher Norica Timber does. The synergies we would like to use. Therefore, we are happy to help.” http://www.hasslacher.com

Klaus Scheder, TPA in Österreich
“To be tolerant, even in increasingly difficult times, is not always easy. The more we must strive every day for it. I myself grew up near Fresach (Lower Drau Valley) with two opposing Christian religions, and therefore know the importance of this task.” http://www.tpa-group.at

TPA in Österreich

Peter Albrecht, CEO WdF Carinthia
“Tolerance allows diversity and encourages creativity. Innovation cannot exist without this creativity and the search for novelty keeps the economic cycle in progress. The Business Forum of executives as an independent network for people with managerial responsibility is happy to support this initiative.” http://www.wdf.at

Wirtschaftsforum der Führungskräfte

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