Rolf Holub, The Greens in Carinthia
“We have committed ourselves to the values of nature and climate protection, sustainability in economic life, solidarity, democracy, equality, freedom from violence and self-determination. The Greens in the Carinthian Landtag stand for transparency, co-determination and control. We therefore support the European tolerance talks as they are of great importance to us.

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Michael Weger, Intendant neuebuehnevillach
“We are very pleased to be a partner in the tolerance talks in Fresach. Since the production “Ecce Homo” on the occasion of the Landesausstellung in 2011, there have always been contact points between Fresach and the theater. With the premiere of our theater on the ship “I, Zarah” by Franzobel at the end of May 2017, this cooperation will continue in a wonderful way.”


Herbert Waldner, Founder Riedergarten properties
“We think this project is good for Carinthia and good for the world. When there is built something new, that is unique and can radiate beyond the borders, we want to be there.”

Riedergarten Immobilien

Roland Heitzeneder, Direktor Parkhotel Pörtschach
“Fresach is far away from the traffic flows and fashion trends of our time, but indeed a center of spirituality and hope, as it could not be more modern and contemporary. This should be encouraged and spread on. That is why we overwelmingly welcome this initiative.”

Parkhotel Pörtschach

Reverend Hubert Stotter, Rector of Diakonia de la Tour
“To live tolerance and make acceptance of it presupposes free thinking and dialogue. To give thoughts space and invite others to think for themselves and think ahead is an important step for a pluralistic, open and reflected society. Fresach is a coherent place to do so.”

Diakonie de La Tour

Christoph Kulterer, Hasslacher Norica Timber
“Wood can do more. Tolerance can be more. The Think.Tank.Fresach is a future lab and works on the subject of sustainability like Hasslacher Norica Timber does. The synergies we would like to use. Therefore, we are happy to help.”

Dr. Alexander Loisel, LSZ Consulting
“L.S.Z. is a networking company organizing the largest IT business community in Austria. We gladly inform more than 2,000 CIOs about the activities of Denk.Raum.Fresach.Many of them are Carinthian and look forward to this international dialogue initiative.”

LSZ Consulting

Klaus Scheder, TPA in Österreich
“To be tolerant, even in increasingly difficult times, is not always easy. The more we must strive every day for it. I myself grew up near Fresach (Lower Drau Valley) with two opposing Christian religions, and therefore know the importance of this task.”

TPA in Österreich

Peter Albrecht, CEO WdF Carinthia
“Tolerance allows diversity and encourages creativity. Innovation cannot exist without this creativity and the search for novelty keeps the economic cycle in progress. The Business Forum of executives as an independent network for people with managerial responsibility is happy to support this initiative.”

Wirtschaftsforum der Führungskräfte

Gunter KiesslingIKEA Klagenfurt
Tolerance is a precondition if you want to live diversityAfter this has been one of the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy, we are pleased to be able to contribute.


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