Club Carinthia

The Club Carinthia is a non-political organization of in Vienna living Carinthiens. It was founded in 1985. Among the objectives of the association include maintaining contacts living outside and in Carinthia. The promotion of young women in the Carinthian economy and culture as well as the improvement of relations with political institutions and the maintenance of Carinthia’s cultural heritage.

City of Villach

The Cultural Department of the City of Villach initiates and organizes events and projects to a variety of key issues, youth-related activities, theater performances, concerts, exhibitions and lectures and awards cultural awards, grants and scholarships for outstanding achievements, projects and educational programs.

University of Klagenfurt

The Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt is the largest educational and research institution in Carinthia focusing on education, Cultural Studies, Economics, Engineering Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies (IFF) and Teacher Education (SoE). It also is home to the Musil Institute and the University Cultural Centre (UNIKUM) and is co-organizer of the Bachmann Prize.

Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS)

The Carinthia University, a training center for applied sciences with an international focus, is a partner of the Villach Youth and Tourism Forum of the European Tolerance Talks. The educational offer is divided into technology, business and health / social affairs with a total of 40 courses.

Viktor Frankl University

The Carinthian University of Education (Viktor Frankl University) in Klagenfurt is a training and education center for teachers and people in educational fields. The institute has been a cooperation partner at the Youth Forum of Tolerance Talks since 2017.

The Danube University Krems

The Danube University Krems is a leading Austrian university for further education and sets standards for lifelong learning. The Department for Migration and Globalization aims to supply contributions to a better understanding of the processes at work to promote social cohesion and wellbeing.

Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, Civil Service and Sport

The Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture has been a sponsor and partner of the Denk.Raum.Fresach since the beginning of the European Tolerance Talks in 2015 and cites the initiative as an example of the courage and strength to take up issues of a European dimension and to develop solutions.

Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs

“Foreign Cultureis an essential and invaluable important instrument of Austrian foreign policy. The Foreign Ministry therefore supports the efforts of Denk.Raum.Fresach to promote the dialogue between cultures and religions. The concept is “very convincing”.

Representation of the European Commission in Austria

The Representation of the European Commission in Austria sees itself as a bridge between Austria and the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels and Luxembourg. It supports policy exchanges with national, regional and local authorities, parliaments, social partners, academia, civil society and other stakeholders.

Evangelical Church Austria

The Evangelical Church of Austria, the Evangelical Church of Carinthia and East Tyrol and the Evangelical Cultural Fresach are active partners and supporters of the club Denk.Raum.Fresach. The Church has about 300,000 Austrians or about 4% of the population of the country and in seven dioceses divided into 204 active communities.


The culture department of Carinthia support projects that improve confidence in and positive visibility of the country. It is responsible for the country’s cultural history and management for regional museums, national galleries and national theater, art, Archives, Academy of Music, Country Music School, the Conservatory and folk culture. The department awards grants, grants and scholarships for clubs, organizations and cultural workers.

ORF Studio Carinthia

The ORF Studio informs about everything what is interesting in Carinthia. It was a pioneer in audio and video output and makes it possible to Internet users to tune in. Radio Carinthia can be heard live all over the world. Culture in the country Studio priority, even in Klagenfurt is the hub of the German-language literature. The “German Literature Days” in the ORF Theatre including the Bachmann Prize has been awarded since 1977.

Carinthia‘s Industry

The Federation of Carinthia’s Industry is a voluntary lobbying organization and industry-related service provider. At European level it cooperates with the employers’ association UNICEIn order to promote the increasing diversity, it founded the Carinthian International Club”The International School Carinthia” was a further milestone for thecosmopolitanism and internationalism in Carinthia.

Chamber of Commerce

The Carinthian Chamber of Commerce is the main service center and lobby organization of the Carinthian economy. It acts in laws and collective bargaining, is committed to the education and training of its members, informs on changes in the national and international environment and organizes market research, business development and research contracts.

Austrian Chamber of Labour

The Federal Chamber for Workers and Salaried Employees, AK for short, has been a partner and promoter of the European tolerance talks since 2021 and presented the first globalization compass in Fresach as a guide for a fairer world economy. The legal representation of the interests of employees in Austria has been committed to fairness and justice for over 100 years.

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