For Fresach the term tolerance has positive connotations. By inviting recognized international speakers (writers, philosophers and scientists) Fresach is now positioned as a European forum for dialogue and tolerance anchored thus sustained on the European cultural and knowledge map. The results of the dialogue are scientifically prepared and published.

The European Tolerance talks are part of a focus week every year before Pentecost (embedded in the Carinthian Culture Spring). The event is open to the public and is also accompanied by a reflection on the particular theme of the event. In addition, there are relevant individual thematic events interspersed throughout the year.

Key topics

Every year controversial issues are discussed and negotiated. Integration and inclusion run as a common thread juxtaposed with tolerance. Here a review of the topics over the past few years:

2015: How far does Tolerance go?

Tasks of the state, economy and society
– How far does Europe go? chances and risks
– Modernity, human rights and Islam
– Migration, participation and everyday media life

2016: The Borders of Europe

Human rights and the consequences of climate change
– The cost of climate change
– Strategies against migration of peoples
– Old borders, new trenches

2017: The Future of Freedom

Europe’s civil society and the consequences of globalization
– Freedom without borders – How does it work?
– Democracy without voters – What comes after that?
– Manipulation by language – How does it work?

2018: Longing for Europe

About the search for Paradise lost
– Theories of the Other: European culture and its narratives
– Mass migration and identity: are we losing our homeland?
– Brexit and the consequences: Is the European Union falling apart?

2019: Home Stranger Earth: Who owns Europe?

Why we need Europe and why we have to fight undesirable developments
– Money or life: What does our identity cost?
– We and you: Can homeland still be saved?
– The world in the village: What is still sacred to us?

2020: EXODUS: Leaving the Familiar

Departure: from where, to where and for what?
– The end of the economy as we know it
– Fairer taxes: How much does prosperity cost?
– Strategies against egoism, new concepts for faith

2021: FAIRNESS: The new globalization

Tolerance in times of pandemic
– New globalization, old nationalisms
– Strong democracy, weak populists
– Beautiful world, ugly reality

2022: CHANGE: How does the new come into the system?

Tolerance in times of war
– Promised Land | closed society?
– Strange Neighbors | True friends?
– House of One | One god for all?

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