The term tolerance has positive connotations already in Fresach. By inviting recognized international speakers (writers, philosophers and scientists) Fresach is now positioned as a European forum for dialogue and tolerance anchored thus sustained on the European cultural and knowledge map. The results of the dialogue are scientifically prepared and published.

The European Tolerance talks are part of a focus week every year before Pentecost (embedded in the Carinthian Culture Spring). The event is open to the public and is also accompanied by a reflection on the particular theme of the event. In addition, there are relevant individual thematic events interspersed throughout the year.

Key aspects

Every year controversial issues will be addressed negotiated. Integration and inclusion run as a common thread juxtaposed with tolerance. Here are some suggested initial topics:

Good and Evil

False propaganda and its effect
– How far does tolerance go? (Toleration does not mean accepting everything? What is not negotiable?)
– The EU, Ukraine and us (problems and solutions)
– The United States, the NSA and who is the secret winner

The Refugee (stranger) among us

Responses and how policy conceals them
– Dealing with others (remembering our own migrations)
– Worls Wars, Civil wars and their consequences for Europe (asylum)
– Fortressed Europe, full boats and their defense (Frontex)

Heresy and rebellion

Resistance against social evils (Luther year
– Modern heretics and their enemies
– Spinners and those who want to get something on the move
– Technologies of rebellion

The consciousness of injustice

The Assets of the society and the distributing fight
– The State and conscience
– Law, Tax and free choice
– The solidarity of the powerful

The happiness of others

Self-centeredness and lack of empathy
– The wealth of the poor
– and the poverty of the rich
– Egomania and its consequences

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