The Denk.Raum.Fresach was founded in 2014 as a charitable “Society for the Promotion of Tolerance and Integration in Europe”. Fresach refers to the ancient mountain village in Carinthia, the southern Federal State of Austria. Its main aims of Denk.Raum.Fresach are:

  • The creation of a European Centre for the Development of tolerance dialogue and integration of people of all backgrounds, ethnicity, language and religion.
  • Exchange of information by recognized scientists, writers, thinkers, politicians and cultural workers with the audience and interested visitors.
  • Discussion of models and development of future-oriented concepts for living together in modern societies.
  • Participation in the making of social and political guidelines for working together in Europe in the 21st century.
  • Political and publicity support of people and organizations that focus on integration, balance and securing of peace.
  • Motivation and support for young people interested in social engagement in the spirit of European tolerance.

Denk.Raum.Fresach means both for its founders and supporters:

  • Departure: dialogue based on tradition and future provision.
  • Tolerance as Mission: The problem of poverty and how to overcome it.
  • Dialogue Forum: Happiness and injustice, resistance and revolt as major themes.
  • Organization: An inter-disciplinary platform for culture, politics and economy.
  • Institutions: The key partners and players of the Denk.Raum.Fresach
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