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Ways out of Digital Slavery

With the biblical exodus from Egypt, the Israelites linked the hope for a better life in peace, freedom and prosperity. The digitized society is also looking for ways out of profit-driven slavery – with environmental destruction, climate change and global migration flows as consequences. International experts, poets and thinkers will find out what options Europe
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Rainer Münz: Without immigration, economy collapses

Demographic changes such as population decline, emigration and outflow of resources from rural areas and appropriate responses and counter-recipes were the central themes of the Economic Forum on Friday afternoon. It turned out that attractive education and good jobs alone are not enough. The speakers agreed quickly that the rural area for locals can only
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Prof. Zinganel: Images produce desires for a better Life

On the occasion of the presentation of the European Tolerance Talks 2018 in Vienna, the Salzburg historian and architectural theorist Michael Zinganel presented his theses on mobility and migration in the Alps-Adriatic region. Using numerous examples, Zinganel pointed out that it is above all the enormous expectations that bring people on their way, and these
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