Change through a new understanding of Islam

In Fresach, the German-Afghan Islam researcher Ahmad Milad Karimi encouraged a new understanding of the major world religions and called for a new start in interreligious dialogue between Christians, Jews and Muslims. In doing so, he held his own fellow believers responsible in particular. “Muslims must rise up in revolt and stop pretending that everything is fine. We must learn not only to accept others, but to love and understand them. It is not enough to just build bridges. We must build bridges ourselves be a bridge,” said Karimi in an interview with the former Vatican and Rome correspondent Mathilde Schwabeneder.
To ward off false and terrorist fantasies about Islam, Karimi suggested better religious education for young Muslims and stronger interreligious dialogue. The problem with the teaching is that the images that emerge in the Koran must not be taken literally. Ultimately, their interpretation always remains a matter of interpretation, said the Islam researcher. And in order to enable devout Muslims to better understand what they have read, a certain amount of historical and philosophical knowledge is required.

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The entire panel discussion is available on YouTube

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