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Transparency protects against monitoring by Algorithms

The chances and risks of digitalisation and the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Europe were discussed by a well-attended panel of experts at the last Panel of the Economic Forum on Friday afternoon. The technology researcher Petra Schaper-Rinkel of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) warned against caution to possible monitoring by sophisticated algorithms.
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Europe needs a new Definition

Brexit, new nationalisms and the climate uprising of youth were the focus of the European tolerance talks on Thursday afternoon. It became generally clear that the UK’s exit from the EU, the strengthening of European rights and the growing social and environmental problems need to redefine the continent. It was also agreed that creation myths
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Emigrants can not be stopped

People who are looking for a new start in another country can not be stopped. They are looking for a better life and new perspectives, but also answers to questions about their homeland and the living conditions there. Only by sharing with others do they gain certainty and understanding. But they also put up with
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