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War forces Change in Democracy

“The change in our society is currently not coming from democratic-political movements, but from autocrats, war and the pandemic. This presents our democracy with major challenges that we can only master if we overcome the polarization of the population and learn to make compromises again.” Political scientist Sieglinde Rosenberger came to this conclusion during the
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European Tolerance Award for Sieglinde Rosenberger

The Viennese political scientist and integration researcher Sieglinde Rosenberger was awarded the European Tolerance Prize for Democracy and Human Rights by the City of Villach in Fresach on Thursday evening. According to the jury, Rosenberger had sensitized generations of students to political participation, diversity and inclusion. Sieglinde Rosenberger researches and teaches at the University of
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Turning Point – Reorganization of Europe

Climate change, the corona pandemic and now the Russian aggression war towards Ukraine have taught us with all severity: The world is in upheaval, and CHANGE is mostly the result of external constraints. This raises the question of how complex systems work and how new things can be established. This is exactly what the European
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