No Alternative to Ethics in Tourism

There is no alternative to ethical and sustainable business practices in tourism, tourism professionals of the younger generation are convinced of this. Economy for the common good could increasingly take the place of profit maximization. It takes time and patience, but in the end it pays off for everyone, explained destination expert Kerstin Dohnal on Wednesday at the Villach International Tourism Forum. The managing director of the Institute for Responsible Tourism encourages her industry colleagues to rethink the travel industry in general – now is the time to do so.
The owner of the Hotel Capri in Vienna, Georg Pastuszyn, made it clear that competition does not have to mean acting unethically. Services and products should always be further developed. Growth and profitability then arise automatically. An ethical attitude needs inner drive to appear honest and to remain sustainable. Economy for the common good is an opportunity to look back at one’s own actions critically. More on this at pressetext.
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