Fairness: The best Path to Success

Whether in your own environment, in politics, in business or in sports – fairness is an important basic principle for social coexistence and the best path to success. This was the conclusion of the opening discussion in the youth forum of the 7th European Tolerance Talks, which on Wednesday 19th May brought together experts from various specialist areas online.

“Fairness is something that takes place on different levels: on a personal, societal and global level,” says Elisabeth Oberzaucher, behavioral researcher from the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Vienna. Evolutionary developments have already shown that fair trading is the best way to achieve success.

“Cooperation is essential for the creation of social structures. The principle ‘As you me, so I you’ is an important evolutionary strategy and a basic mechanism for our coexistence,” added the researcher. Moreon the youth forum at pressetext.

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