In the run-up to the European Tolerance Talks 2021 in the Carinthian mountain village Fresach, the globalization expert of the Vienna Chamber of Labor, Valentin Wedl, initiated a political discussion about rethinking globalization and redesigning it so that it not only brings advantages for the large corporations and export markets, but becomes “fair for everyone”. “We should deal more with the topic so that we can cope with the huge challenges we are facing today,” said Wedl in the online talk of the tolerance talks.
Wedl formulated ten theses on how we can counter the growing inequality in society with a changed globalization policy and – in addition to the social consequences of the pandemic – effectively combat the most existential crisis of our time – climate change. A basic condition is that everyone is thought of as possible and that everyone is paid attention to – so that social cohesion is ensured. But the fairness required for this is also necessary in terms of efficiency in order to get the difficult change processes under control at all. More on pressetext.

The whole online talk here:
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