Corona gefährdet Green Deal

The corona pandemic is likely to affect industry and economy more severely than expected – with long-term consequences for people and the environment. If the stress on the economy becomes too great, not only the desired ‘green deal’, but the entire society will be left behind,” warns Norbert Zimmermann, Chairman of the SBO Supervisory Board , in an  pressetext-interview. Zimmermann speaks on May 29 at the Economic Forum for European Tolerance Talks in Fresach.

According to Zimmermann, there is a high risk that politicians will use the serious topic of environmental protection with ill-considered PR concepts to maintain power. After the Corona crisis has been overcome, the discussion about necessary environmental protection measures could become a farce. “It is feared that serious environmental protection issues will be populistically filled to distract from mistakes and annoying problems,” the industry captain believes. More on pressetext.

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