Corona Virus shows Importance of Travel

Traveling and exploring foreign countries is essential for people. Throughout its history, mankind has felt the urge to move to new places. The corona virus is now putting a stop to this. It shows the importance of travel and forces tourism to reflect on itself, explains the German travel philosopher Klaus Kufeld in an interviews with pressetext. “Mobility is an anthropological constant. That is why travel is a human right,” says the founder of the Ernst Bloch Center in Friedrichshafen. Kufeld will open the Tourism Forum of the European Tolerance Talks in Villach on May 27th.

“Less is more”

According to Kufeld, travelers must first consider what role they play in world affairs. “With the pandemic, there is growing awareness of thinking about the fate of others. In tourism, the question is whether less is not maybe more. I see a strict difference between travel and vacation here. While vacationers may just change the scenery and theirs cultivating ego, travelers get involved with the foreign culture. Traveling should not be a raid on foreign countries,” says Kufeld.

While traveling was once a privilege and status symbol, more and more people can now afford it. Kufeld takes a careful look at this “democratization”: “We have to pay more attention that there are no disadvantages for those who have traveled. There is overpopulation of the planet and a mass of tourism. In order to prevent the increasing destruction of the environment and the exploitation of cultural sites prevent, humanity must agree on ethical criteria that can also be implemented by the individual,” explains Kufeld. More on pressetext.

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