Expert dispute about the concept of growth

No prosperity without growth, no development without hunger for more – the problem of growth has always divided experts from left to right – 50 years after the “Club of Rome” report “The Limits to Growth”, the European Tolerance Talks 2023 in Fresach will deal with the Theme. On the occasion of the presentation of the program in the Club Carinthia of the Oberbank Vienna, the focus was on the different definitions of the term growth.

Author and blogger Dietmar Krug compared the growth issue with the debate that flared up again and again about a speed limit on German autobahns. Any critical questioning of such a dogma falls on deaf ears. “But there have always been taboo topics. For centuries it was the concept of God,” explained Krug. After 1945, it was terms like democracy and the economic miracle – and with good reason: “The miracle was based on growth.”

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