Program to be presented in Klagenfurt on 28 February

Climate change and species extinction pose enormous problems for mankind. Scientists say: We have to change our lives and our way of doing business, because natural resources are finite. But is that even possible? Is it so easy to flip an economic system based on growth?

The European Tolerance Talks from May 24th to 27th, 2023 will address the topic of “Growth at the end – what now?” And they should not only show the limits of growth, but also possible ways to overcome them. Because the goal is clear – improved living conditions for people and the environment, and not just in Europe, but worldwide.

The Board of Trustees of Denk.Raum.Fresach (DRF) will be presenting the program in Klagenfurt.

Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2023, 11 a.m
Location: Hall of Mirrors of the state government, Arnulfplatz 1, Klagenfurt Moderator: Dr. Wilfried Seywald, program coordinator

– State Parliament President Ing. Reinhart Rohr
– Deputy Mayor Mag. Gerda Sandriesser | City of Villach
– Superintendent Mag. Manfred Sauer | Evangelical Diocese of Carinthia and East Tyrol
– Dr Hannes Swoboda | President of the Club of Rome Austria Chapter
– Gabriele Russwurm-Biro | Past President of the Carinthian Writers’ Association
– Prof. Angelika Mitterbacher | Vice Rector of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
– Dr Claudia Mischensky Association of Carinthian Industry
– Rev. DI Mag. Astrid Körner | Diakonie de La Tour Carinthia

The press conference can be followed live on the Facebook page of the state of Carinthia or on, as well as on the Facebook account: https://www.facebook. com/denk.raum.fresach/

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