This year: “Growth at the end – what now?”

In the mirror hall of the Carinthian state government, the Denk.Raum.Fresach (DRF) presented its program of the European Tolerance Talks 2023 today, Tuesday, and the mood was – like every year – very optimistic, full of hope and expectation. Under the title “Growth at the end – what now?” this year, around 35 experts, scientists and economists and their audience in the Carinthian mountain village of Fresach are called upon to discuss the meaning of growth and its effects on society.

The tolerance talks will take place for the ninth time in 2023, and the DRF has increased its board and board of trustees for this purpose. DRF Chairman Superintendent Manfred Sauer announced at the program presentation in Klagenfurt that the Carinthian Writers’ Association (KSV) is returning to Fresach after more than 30 years with President Alfred Woschitz and Vice President Gabriele Russwurm-Biró at the helm. In addition, the Diakonie de la Tour with its new managing director Astrid Körner and the new Club Carinthia President Leo Stollwitzer will join the DRF board.

From 1972 to 1996 (for 25 years), the Carinthian Writers’ Association organized the Fresach Writers’ Days in the small rural community to discuss ways out of the East-West conflict. The European Tolerance Talks want to build on this tradition of interdisciplinary dialogue across borders, Sauer recalled. But the North-South conflict and the multiple crises and struggles over distribution in the post-colonial growth society are now added to the painful war of the multipolar world in Ukraine. More on this in the press text. 

More on pressetext.

The entire program presentation in the live stream

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