Former Federal President Heinz Fischer signed the “Freedom Charter of Fresach” on 3 July 2017 in Vienna. In a conversation with the President of the European Tolerance Talks, Hannes Swoboda, Fischer underlined the importance of individual and common freedom for democracy and peace. Only those who are free from state paternalism, oppression and dependency can contribute positively to the development of a community, a country and a democratically organized community.

Hannes Swoboda expressed his gratitude for the interest and commitment of the long-standing and popular politician for the concerns of Fresach. It is only with the support of important proponents and institutions that it is possible to make the European Tolerance Center and the European Tolerance Talks flourish. Fresach is inextricably linked with the idea of ​​tolerance in politics and society. Integration and peaceful coexistence are successful when everyone comes to meet the other. (ws)

>> Press release Freedom Charter.

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