More Support from Federal Carinthia

On the occasion of the program presentation of the European Tolerance Talks 2022, the President of the Carinthian Federal Parliament, Reinhart Rohr, expressed his confidence that the future of the Talks will be secured for the coming years with the support of the City of Villach, the State of Carinthia and the Federal Government.

Provincial Governor Peter Kaiser has promised to increase the fundings from Carinthia for 2022 and, from 2023 on, to make it easy to plan with a three-year funding agreement and thus to hold out the prospect of corresponding future prospects.

“The substantive contributions from Fresach are an important enrichment for the political discussion, with a European and international dimension that goes far beyond national borders and important impulses for the further development of many organizations in culture, business and society,” explained Rohr.

Gerda Sandriesser, Deputy Mayor of the City of Villach, said that the necessary system change in political institutions can only succeed if innovations are recognized and promoted. There are no simple solutions for complex systems, but if man understand them holistically, there are also good chances of successfully achieving goals and thus improving the world. (ws)

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