At its Annual General Meeting in Klagenfurt on Wednesday, the Board of Trustees of the European Tolerance Talks 2022 presented its 2022 program and in this context called for a systemic change in politics and business. The talks will take place in Villach and Fresach from June 1st to 4th. The Federal Government of Carinthia promised an increase in funding.
The Tolerance Talks will take place for the 8th time in 2022. They are organized by Denk.Raum.Fresach (DRF), which this year also wants to discuss its own future as a think-tank. For DRF chairman, Superintendent Manfred Sauer, the question arises as to how transformation can work and what role external contributions to the discussion can play, in particular impulses from authors, futurologists and scientists.
Under the title “CHANGE – How does the new get into the system?” in 2022, around 30 thinkers will be advised on solutions to the current system crisis. “Systems not only characterize our crisis-prone times, they also have to be constantly changing. If we want to bring something new or even better into the system, we have to face up to its special properties and functionality, give up outdated ideas and allow something new,” Sauer said. More on pressetext.


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