This year’s European Tolerance Talks from 1 to 4 June 2022 in Fresach promise nothing less than a program for the reorganization of Europe. On the occasion of the presentation of the program on March 9th in the Club Carinthia of the Oberbank Vienna, the President of the Board, Hannes Swoboda, said: “Regardless of what the turning point looks like after the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, there must be a new dialogue towards tolerance and understanding, and not a step backwards into the methods and models of the 20th century.”
The tolerance talks 2022 are dedicated to the topic “CHANGE – How does the new get into the system?” In order to understand how complex systems work at all, cybernetics or systems science can be consulted. Accordingly, the panel was opened by the Viennese cyberneticist Maria Pruckner, who has been dealing with systems and how they work for many years. According to her findings, we can currently assume that the events of the war will accelerate until it collapses, said Pruckner.
Swoboda foresees a global upheaval. “It’s not just about defeating an irrational aggressor and about unity and uniform action by the West on the issue of the Ukraine war. We mustn’t do without a global climate policy either. This will not be possible without a radical transformation of society. And there, too, some resistance will have to be overcome,” said Swoboda on the forthcoming change at all levels of society and institutions. More on pressetext.
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